Saturday, November 7, 2015

How I Celebrate Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Good morning everyone and Happy international Digital Scrapbooking Day weekend! As a digital scrapbooking designer - which is what I'm doing "full time" right now, I've been super busy getting new products ready - I must say, my new kit is one of my favorites so far! and preparing for the live chat and scrap events I'll be hosting at my store! Live events are my favorite - because I get to interact with my fans and customers.
Yesterday, I posted some "live" behind-the-scenes photos on my Facebook Fan Page - Simple Girl Scraps, and I thought it'd be fun to give you my "advice" for having a great DSD!  

Be Prepared:
I've got a "office' set up in the basement (that way when I blast my playlists - no one has to listen to me sing!) Ooops! That's a sneak peek of the FREE KIT I'll be giving away to those who complete my Triple Threat Scrap Event this weekend! So this is what my desk currently looks like - scrapbook paper inspirational quotes from Mambi with washi tape. I'm a little obsessed with washi tape, but more on that later! and I can totally see how dirty my screen is! Better clean that!
My Must Haves: 
*Water - mine is in my awesome Tupperware Eco Water Bottle!
*Caffeine - I've been working constantly for weeks prepping for DSD! I need all the help I can get!
*Music - Lately I've been using Songza online to stream some fun playlists. Get Pumped: Pop Anthems is my current favorite!
*Snacks - I usually go for a light popcorn (no butter on my keyboard!) or M&Ms!
 photo 11219213_1195674437113517_7383090937559452539_n_zpsedxpx1yi.jpg 
 Don't Forget About Real Life:
During the Live Chat last night - it was 11pm-midnight my time - a true Night Owls Chat, I was snacking on popcorn, then all of a sudden realized I had finished the whole darn bowl! This is because I had completely forgotten to eat a REAL dinner and was starving! DSD activities are really fun, and you're going to want to scrap and chat and shop and do EVERYTHING...but don't forget about the real life stuff this weekend - spend time with the family, get up and stretch, go for a walk, MAKE DINNER!

 photo 12189153_1195730723774555_2560284277566339599_n_zpsc9hevhud.jpg
Try Something New:
I was SO pleased to hear that several of the girls who joined my live event in the GingerScraps Chatroom had never done a Speed Scraps or Slow Scrap before! We had so much fun together! So whether you're entering a contest, or trying a designer challenge or joining a chat or speed scrap - have fun with it! DSD is to celebrate our hobby and craft! Check out the GingerScraps forum if you need some ideas! Join me TONIGHT for another chat and slow scrap! 
 photo DSD_SaleScrap_zpsv24y149a.jpg

Enjoy the Discounts!
This week, my store is on sale for 50% OFF! Lots of designers and stores have sales and special discounts for Digital Scrapbooking Day! It's time to get those kits that are on your wishlist! I've got TWO new products for this week for you! and I'm seriously in love with both of them! 
Be Positive by Simple Girl Scraps
available EXCLUSIVELY at GingerScraps
50% OFF!
user posted image 
Digi Girl Grab Bag by Simple Girl Scraps
available EXCLUSIVELY at GingerScraps
 photo SGS_DigiGirlGrabBag600_zpsjcw5f87o.jpg 
Play With Your Stash:
Don't forget to scrap this weekend! It's all about digital scrapbooking this weekend - so play with your new goodies or dig into your digi-stash - we all have one! Here's what my Creative Team has done with Be Positive! I'm excited to see that several of the girls have already done more than 1 layout it! They love it!
 by Natalie  
user posted image 

user posted image 
 by Brandi
user posted image

user posted image 

user posted image 
by Heidi
user posted image 
by Edit
user posted image 
by Kristal
user posted image 
by Bethany
user posted image 
by Karrie
user posted image 
by Lynette
user posted image 
by Theresa
 photo pugsandkissesSM_zpsxjachxrl.jpg 
Last Words:
So to wrap up my Digital Scrapbooking Day post - enjoy the weekend! If you want to scrap - scrap. If you want to shop - shop. If you want to join in on the activities - do that! Make this weekend all about why you love to scrapbook and just enjoy it! Don't forget to say HI to me and the team! I love hearing from my fans and customers!  

Lots of Love! 

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